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Flemington Floral Company’s “Name Game”


Flemington Floral Company enjoys making you smile. Every Monday we select a name and put it out on our sign and post it on Facebook. “Like” us on Facebook to keep up on what the weekly name is. If your name is chosen, come into Flemington Floral Company for a Free rose.

Stop in anytime to see what’s new at Flemington Floral. Beautiful fresh flowers, plants, gifts and so much more.

You are always welcome to submit a name; family, friend, co-worker, your own name. Just email the suggestion to [email protected]. But, be sure to check as you drive by or find us on Facebook for the weekly name to see if you’re a lucky winner of a Free rose.

There may be a week here or there that we interrupt the name game. Don’t worry, it will return again. Please provide proof of name upon picking up your free gift.

We hope you enjoy the name game!